​The Deputy Minister of Health has appointed the committee for the extension of the medical services basket for 2013. The committee will advise the government and the health council on setting the priorities for addition of drugs and medical technologies to the health basket in accordance with the national health insurance law, all within the allocated budget.
Chairing the committee will be Prof. Jonathan Halevy, M.D., Director General Shaare Zedek Medical Center. The committee coordinator will be Dr. Osnat Luxenburg, head of the Medical and Infrastructure Technologies Administration in the Ministry of Health.
Following is a listing of the committee members: Prof. Dina Ben Yehuda, head of the hematology ward at the Hadassah University Medical Hospital Ein Kerem, Prof. Nir Giladi, former Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office, Ms. Shira Greenberg, Ministry of Finance health coordinator, Prof. Yaakov Naparstek, Chairman of Internal Medicine at Hadassah University Hospital, Adv. Noam Hoizlich, chief legal counsel to the senior foundations within the arrangement, Rabbi Avraham Menale, deputy chair of the Tel Aviv religious council and council member of Magen David Adom, Ms. Revital Topper, deputy director general of HMOs in the Ministry of Health, Prof. Haim Bitterman, chief physician of Clalit Health Services, Prof. Avi Porat, Director of the Health Division, Maccabi Healthcare Services, Dr. David Mossinsohn, deputy director general of medicine, Meuhedet Health Services, Prof. Daniel Vardi, deputy director general of medicine, Leumit Health Fund, CPA Yair Assraf, deputy director general of planning, budgeting and costing in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Iris Ginsburg, Prof. Riad Agabaria, head of the school of pharmacology at the Ben Gurion University, Prof. Noam Zohar, Chair (General Philosophy) at Bar-Ilan University, 
The committee is made up of leading professionals in their respective areas, reflecting a broad range of issues (professionals from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, doctors, representatives of the public, economists, and representatives of the HMOs), who will need to address the full range of the medical, social, and ethical issues for the good of the patients. 
The committee has been entrusted with a sum of about NIS 300 million. This year, some 600 requests have been submitted to the committee for various technologies. This is a complex task, necessitating some very difficult decisions, and the committee will make every conceivable effort to live up to its task to the best possible effect, thereby being of help to the entire Israeli population.
Deputy Minister of Health MK Rabbi Yaakov Litzman commended the committee members and said that the committee is made up of the leading professionals in Israel, each in their respective disciplines. “I am confident they will be successful in this most important of missions, that they will maintain total transparency and uphold the proper levels of professionalism, working within the time allotted for the committee’s deliberations, for the benefit of all of Israel’s citizens.”