The Government today unanimously approved the extension of the dental health services basket, effective as of July 1, 2012, for children until age 12. (Up till now the service was available until age 10). ​As the government meeting began, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said:
“We shall today approve a significant extension of dental health care for children.. This was an innovation proposed by Deputy Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman; we are now extending it to cover 12-year-olds and from what I understand we can expect further developments. This means that one and a half million children will receive free dental care following the government’s resolution today. It once used to cost a fortune and was out of the reach of many children. Israel’s children and families will be receiving free dental care from today when this government meeting adjourns, up to age 12, so bless you Deputy Minister Yaakov Litzman.”     Deputy Minister of Health MK Yaakov Litzman commended the government approval and said that “the dental care reform has brought social justice to the children of Israel. Tens of thousands of children will continue to receive free dental care as a part of the medical services basket thanks to this move. We shall continue to promote the rest of the stages of the reform and extend the care to children up to the age of 14 already next year and further on we will work to extend it for children up to 18 years of age.     The deputy minister thanked Finance Minister Dr. Yuval Steinitz and the Ministry of Finance for their consistent support of this move. In his words during the government meeting he complimented the HMOs which rose to the challenge contrary to all the predictions that preceded the plan, and brought about the efficient and successful implementation of the dental health reform in Israel.  

  • The number of children now eligible for these services (ages 0-10) – is 1.230 million children
  • The number of children who, following the government resolution, will be joining the program (ages 10-12) – is 267,000 children. Following the Government’s resolution, some 1.5 million children in Israel will be entitled to receive the dental medical services basket.
  • The number of children aged 0 to 8 who received treatment during 2011 was 265,000 Children
  • The number of children aged 9 to 10 who received treatment during 2011 was 90,000 Children – within a short six months!
  • The total number of children who received treatment in 2011 was 355,000 children among the 5-10 year age group. Over 40% of all children came to receive treatment at the HMOs in 2011!


Which treatments were provided?

The Government has Approved Extension of the Dental Health Services Basket for Children Until Age 12

Audits at the Clinics

  • In 2011, 327 audits were performed at the Clinics
  • From the beginning of the reform, 684 audits have been performed
  • The audits were performed at both the HMO clinics and at independent caregivers who are operating under agreements with the HMOs