The Deputy Minister of Health: “The life-saving drugs must be returned to the HMOs’ Complementary Insurance Programs (CIP)”
​The government today unanimously approved the recommendations of the public committee on expansion of the medical services basket by NIS 300 million, following the recommendation of the Deputy Minister of Health, MK Yaakov Litzman. The extension of the basket will come into effect at the beginning of January.The recommendations of the public committee on expansion of the medical services basket were put together by the committee chair, Prof. Jonathan Halevy, M.D., Director General Shaare Zedek Medical Center. 88 drugs and technologies have been added to the health services basket for 2013, at a total cost of NIS 300 million. These will focus on disease-preventing preventive medicine.
Among the criteria for inclusion of drugs and technologies in the health basket: extending the life and improvement of the quality of life, the quality of the medical proof of clinical efficacy, cost of the technology to the individual and to society – justice, equality and mutual assistance and reduction of the financial burden on society.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that this is “a very significant expansion of the health basket. Drugs and medical technologies are important, all of which are instrumental in disease prevention and treatment and I think that this is very good and important news to the public. We have done a lot, we are still doing a lot, and we still have a lot left to do”.
Deputy Minister of Health MK Rabbi Yaakov Litzman added that “the medical services basket which has been submitted is fair and socially responsible, beneficial to the needy as well as to the welfare of the patient population in general. I would like to commend the chairman of the committee on the health services basket, Prof. Jonathan Halevy, and the members of the committee, for their diligent and thorough work, their professionalism and the complete transparency of their work”. The Deputy Minister of Health called on the government in its meeting to reinstate life-saving drugs within the HMOs’ CIPs: “We must work to overturn the decision, which was adopted in the past, for the benefit of the patients in need of those drugs”.