In response to a publication regarding the high amount of youth who are hospitalized in psychiatric wards stemming from cases of cyber bullying, Chairwoman of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, MK Orly Levi-Abekasis (Likud Beitenu) said that ”The internet is a powerful tool, with an endless variety of information, entertainment and portals to different worlds. However, as great as its possibilities are the depths of the abyss within which our children are able to fall and we see today that this can indeed become a practical matter. We must uproot these incidents and to clarify, as a society, that bullying on the internet is not an option. As a society, it is upon us to include children and to turn them into ambassadors who will moderate the use of the internet as a tool for cruelty.”

Levi-Abekasis called on the Minister of Health to immediately work to increase the hospital beds in children`s psychiatric hospitals (something which the committee requested not long ago) especially in the periphery. According to her, ”The psychiatric field has been neglected for many years and the fixes need to be made now and not in small patches.” She added that the committee is working to promote social projects for a safe internet and at the same time is pushing a safe internet surfing law that will allow for children to develop and grow through a positive use of the internet while also demonstrating responsibility for the content displayed in front of them.