The approval came after the Speaker’s interruption of the debate at the Prime Minister’s request to allow the Prime Minister to check on his obligation to report on the content of the agreements at the request of the Knesset members.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said with the renewal of discussion in the Plenum: ”There is a possibility that there will be more ministers added to the government in the future, but nothing was concluded.”

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin resumed discussion on the government’s request to add Mofaz as a Minister and Deputy Prime Minister: ”After the assessments made by the legal advisor to the coalition and the government, we will now hear their answer. I renew the discussion. I got a letter asking stop the meeting and renew it on Monday and I denied this request.”

Netanyahu said: ”Since I am not a lawyer I use extra caution in when it comes observing and maintaining the law. I consulted with lawyers. This is my announcement: During the negotiations there was talk of options that may occur in the future but they did not make it into the final agreement. Anything that will be finalized in the future will be reported properly. It is possible that more ministers will join the government in the future but nothing was concluded. ”

After the vote, MK Uri Ariel (Ichud Leumi): ”I was told from a reliable source that Kadima was also promised the Constitution Committee, and I regret not being allowed to pass this information along before the voting.”

At the end of the discussion on the government`s request MKs Uri Ariel (Ichud Leumi), Isaac Herzog (Labor) and Dov Khenin (Hadash) petitioned alleging that there were things agreed upon that were not brought to the assembly, and they therefore sought to postpone the hearing.

Ariel said that ”various publications have referred explicitly to the distribution of additional executive positions to Kadima candidates. Have all agreements been presented before us?”

Herzog said that ”there is no statement in the agreement saying there are no other agreements. MK Sheetrit has stated in interviews that there is a secret agreement.”

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin asked the Prime Minister ”Are there any additional agreements, oral or written?”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that ”this is the only agreement signed. We talked about some things, not everything was agreed upon, there are things that are still open and we will talk about them in the future. Everything that was agreed upon was given to the Knesset secretariat. What we were required to bring forth under the laws of the State of Israel and the Knesset Rules of Procedure was laid out accurately. These are all the agreements ”.

Rivlin consulted the Knesset’s legal adviser, Attorney Eyal Yinon and said that ”according to the instructions of the legal advisor if there is a binding verbal agreement, it has to be made known prior to voting.”

Khenin said in response: ”The Prime Minister said that there are things that need further elaboration. If there are agreements on things like Committees, they should be brought forth.”

Netanyahu responded, saying ”I understand that this agreement is a written agreement, since some of the things are not finalized, I want to check out what is our reporting requirement. Some of the things were agreed upon and accepted but are dependent on other things and some of them were not listed.” As a result, Rivlin announced a recess of 10 minutes at the meeting. As stated before, the discussion was renewed and a vote took place.

71 MKs supported the government`s request and 23 opposed it.

Immediately after the vote, Mofaz pledged allegiance to the government as a minister and vice prime minister.