The Knesset Legal Advisor, in his review to the Presidium: The ”Al-Quds, Capitol of Palestine” Bill denies the existence of the State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people and therefore falls within grounds for permanent disqualification, under Knesset regulations. Regarding the State Education Bill, there is doubt as to whether it falls under the same category.”

Tomorrow, two bills by Tibi will face authorization by the Presidium:

The first states that ”Al-Quds is the capitol of Palestine and the Islamic Nation.” According to the description, ”This bill stresses the importance of al-Quds in the lives of Palestinians and the Islamic Nation. Al-Quds is considered a holy city to Muslims all over the world, in great part due to the existence of the Al Aksa Mosque in the heart of the Old City. The eyes of millions in the Islamic world view the Old City as the beating heart of the Palestinian people in terms of religion, culture, history and politics, and the way to anchor this is through a bill.”

The second bill states that ”the certifying body will not authorize textbooks covering the era prior to the establishment of the State of Israel which include negative terms in the context of Arab individuals or groups who fought for their right to defend their homeland.”

The bill further proposes a transitional provision in which ”the minister will appoint a committee of specialists composed of Arab and Jewish historians and professionals, who will check textbooks authorized before the enactment of this bill, and will propose appropriate changes as a condition to re-authorizing the books.”

According to the explanation which Tibi attached to the bill, ”This bill designates that in known text-books, negative terms will no longer be used in reference to Palestinian fighters, including use of the term ”gangs or ”gang leader”, in order to fix the historical treatment of Palestinian fighters and return to them their national pride. Use of terms like ”gangs” or ”gang leaders”, used to describe the Arab side, is a distortion of historical reality and must be stopped.”

The Knesset Presidium has the power to reject a proposed bill on the Knesset table which in its opinion ”denies the existence of the State of Israel as the State of the Jewish People” or is ”racist in nature.”

In his review to the Presidium, Knesset legal advisor Eyal Yinon writes that the al-Quds the Capitol of Palestine Bill blatantly undermines the existence of Israel as a Jewish state, and therefore falls under grounds for qualification under the regulations.

Regarding the second bill, Yinon stressed that it does not deny Israel`s existence as the State of the Jewish people in a clear and frontal way and it is therefore doubtful that it falls under the category of disqualification in question.