​A week before the arrival of US President Barack Obama in Israel, the leadership of the World Health Organization (European region) and 100 representatives from 50 countries will be arriving here. On the agenda: Nutrition, physical activity and prevention of obesity. It has been a year since the national program for “Promotion of a healthy, active lifestyle” was kicked off, under the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, culture and sport. The program now includes numerous activities, beginning at the individual level, through the community and the schools, local authorities to the national level and supporting legislation.
The leadership of the World Health Organization regional office for Europe, assisted by the Ministry of Health in Israel, has decided to hold its working session on lifestyle – nutrition, physical activity and prevention of obesity, in Israel. The dignitaries will be arriving in Israel on the 10th of March, 2013, to evaluate the Israeli program, to advise and discuss related issues during three days of workshops and classes.
This is a European working session, in which over 50 countries will be represented. Among the officiators and lecturers: Dr. João Breda, WHO Regional Office for Europe, staff members of the WHO and representatives of Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, Greece and even Turkey – who will each present their extensive experience with health promotion programs in their countries, with emphasis on proper nutrition – trans fats, reducing sodium consumption, school nutrition etc.