Minister of Justice, Tzipi Livni, responded to the motion for the agenda by MK Moshe Feiglin (HaLikud Beitenu), regarding the appointment of Shai Nitzan as the State`s Attorney: ”The State of Israel is blessed by the appointment of Shai Nitzan. He doesn`t fear any politicians and will faithfully represent the state…If I speak about the base values of Israel, it is you who don`t keep to the law, it is you who relies on incitement and sedition; because of people like you that he is here.”

MK Feiglin said: ”A few weeks ago, the former legal advisor, Michael Ben-Yair, called an entire population in Israel, 350 thousand who live beyond the green line, ”Nazis”. What effect does this have on the public`s trust in the rule of law? Isn`t it the time to put an end to this? A Knesset Channel Survey showed that no more than a third of the people think that the appointment of Shai Nitzan is appropriate. You`re cutting off the main branch that this system rests upon, public trust.”

The topic will be transferred to the Constitution Committee with the support of 6 MKs without any opposition or abstention.