The Ministry of Health Advises Against Independent HIV (AIDS) Tests or Testing in Unrecognized or Non-Accredited Facilities

The Ministry of Health advises against independent HIV (AIDS) Tests or testing in facilities which have not been officially recognized or accredited by the Ministry of Health to administer these tests.
The main reason for this is the fact that the reliability of the quick tests does not achieve 100% certainty, and therefore it should be accompanied by a regular test as well.  
A quick test, which is performed independently without the additional cover of a regular test may yield a false result. A false positive result may cause unnecessary and unjustified distress, whereas a false negative result may give the patient a false sense of security that s/he is not a carrier.     Furthermore, in facilities recognized by the Ministry of Health there are skilled staffs capable of providing the patients with a correct interpretation of the results, as well as appropriate advice in cases where the outcome is a positive result.     This notification is being published following a publication that appeared a few weeks ago, which claimed that the FDA had approved a quick test kit.     The Ministry of Health’s policy has been defined in the Director General’s special procedure Guidelines for Performing Tests for Monitoring Female HIV Carriers: a policy defining the special terms for performing laboratory HIV tests. The Ministry of Health recommends that the HIV tests be performed exclusively on blood samples, and not on saliva samples.     The Ministry of Health is implementing this policy also by enforcing its directive on entities distributing the quick test kit for home or self use.     Following is a list of the sites which have been approved for administration of quick tests:

Site Name Medical Director Phone
​​The AIDS Prevention Society, 18 Hanatziv Street, Tel Aviv Dr. Einav Nof 03-5613000
Levinsky Clinic, Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Regional Physician 03-5373738
Haparsim 15 Clinic, Haifa Haifa Regional Physician 04-8619719
Habayit Hapatuach (The Open House), Hasoreg Street 2, Jerusalem Dr. Samantha Halston 02-6250502