​The Knesset Internal Affairs and Environmental Protection Committee today (July 11, 2012) approved the new regulations governing the sanitary quality of Israel’s drinking water.     These regulations were written based on the recommendations of the “ADIN” Committee (Hebrew), a professional committee set up for this purpose by the Director General of the Ministry of Health and were prepared by the Public Health Services in the Ministry. This amounts to a substantial shift in public health – the new regulations raise the quality standard of drinking water in Israel and puts them on a par with the leading standards worldwide.   This includes:

  • Addition of 40 substances to the list of chemical substances monitored.
  • Tightening of the microbial standard, such that even the presence of one coliform bacteria in 100 milliliters of water is now prohibited, as in the European and American standards.
  • Requirement to filter all drinking water from surface water sources (such as the Kinneret, spring water and stream water).
  • Addition of a requirement for real-time reporting and transparency, including providing the option for the public to order water tests (at the expense of the customer) in private establishments.
  • Requirement from all water suppliers to perform preventive sanitation surveys of their water sources and supply systems.
  • Training and qualification of employees working with water systems on sanitation issues.
  • A decision to conduct a pilot on returning magnesium into desalinated water.
  • Stabilization of the desalinated water.

The Ministry of Health is proud of these regulations’ approval, which position Israel and the drinking water supplied to its population among the world’s leading nations.
The Ministry of Health recommends that the Israeli public drink their tap water and enjoy its high quality.