​The Ministry of Health intends to enable the use of a label or emblem bearing a statement in order to increase public consumption of whole wheat breads and to stimulate its production, thereby also bringing about a reduction of its price.The emblem will be granted to bread manufacturers and marketers, such as: food producers, bakeries, retailers, confectioners and cafes which comply with statutory requirements which apply to them (licensing conditions according to the type of business) and to the said products, as well as complying with the requirements of this guideline. The statement will refer to whole-wheat bread which will comply with the criteria below. The statement will be worded as follows: “This bread complies with the Ministry of Health recommendations for healthy nutrition”. The manufacturer/marketer will be permitted to use the label when the products comply with the criteria.
For prepackaged breads, the label will be marked on the packaging and for unpackaged breads, which are displayed for sale on shelves, the label will be displayed with the above wording on a sign beside the product in a prominently conspicuous place.
The criteria for using the statement label are:

  • The bread contains at least 80% whole-grain cereal flours.
  • The maximum sodium content shall be 400 mg per 100 grams of product.
  • The maximum caloric value shall be 250 kcal per 100 grams of product.
  • The nutritional values shall be within the allowable range according to the public health regulations (food) (nutritional labeling), 1993.

The manufacturer/marketer shall keep documentation in support of his compliance with this guideline, including details of the makeup of the product. The Ministry of Health is permitted, by means of sample testing, to verify the compliance with the conditions and to forbid the use of the label or statement if the product does not comply.

The Ministry of Health initiates a “Statement-Bearing Label on Whole-Wheat Bread”

The statement-bearing label shall be marked or displayed as worded and designed (including the color palette).