The Wye River Memorandum – Timetable Clarification

(Communicated by Prime Minister’s Media Advisor)
Jerusalem, 2 November 1998

The Prime Minister’s Media Adviser, Aviv Bushinsky, wishes to clarify the possible slight changes in the Wye Memorandum timetable:

1. The Wye River Memorandum was signed at the White House on Friday, 23.10.98. According to its provisions, the Memorandum is scheduled to take effect 10 days after being signed — in other words, today (Monday), 2.11.98.

2. In accordance with the opinion rendered by Attorney-General Elyakim Rubinstein, the Memorandum will take effect only once it has been approved by the Cabinet and the Knesset. To this end, the Cabinet will convene tomorrow (Tuesday), 3.11.98, to ratify the agreement; the discussion will continue for two days. In the event that the Memorandum is approved by the Cabinet, it will be brought for Knesset approval next week. The Knesset is slated to discuss the agreement on 11-12.11.98.

3. The Wye River Memorandum determines that, within the first two weeks following the date on which the agreement takes effect, the Palestinian Authority must, first and foremost, perform its responsibilities as set forth in the agreement — only then will Israel do its part.

4. The Palestinians must, first: a) begin implementing the working plan for the war on terrorism; b) present an effective legal framework for the collection of illegal weapons; c) convene the PLO Executive Committee to nullify all sections of the Palestinian charter which call for the destruction of Israel, and; d) begin the work of the committee for the prevention of incitement.

5. If the Palestinians fulfill the above commitments, Israel will implement the first phase of the redeployment — i.e. the first redeployment only (2% from Area C to Area B, and 7.1% from Area B to Area A). If the Memorandum is approved by the Cabinet and the Knesset, Israel will be able to meet the deadline fixed at the White House (16.11.98), or to at least complete the process within a few days.

6. During a telephone conversation this afternoon (Monday), 2.11.98, between the Prime Minister and the Palestinian Authority Chairman, it was agreed that the Palestinian Authority will begin implementing its part of the accord today, in light of the fact that the Palestinian Council has already approved the Memorandum. Arafat accepted Netanyahu’s explanation that Israel will implement its part of the agreement without delay, and on condition that the Palestinian Authority fulfills its commitments, during the week of 16.11.98 (after the agreement is approved by the Cabinet and the Knesset).