Three Israeli soldiers killed in Hizbullah attack
February 1, 2000

Three IDF soldiers were killed yesterday (January 31) in a Hizbullah missile attack on an IDF outpost in the security zone : Maj. Tidhar Templehoff, 23, of Netanya, Staff-Sgt. Lior Niv, 21, of Tel Aviv, and Staff-Sgt. Tzahi Malka, 21, of Metulla. Four soldiers were wounded, one critically, in the same attack.

This follows the killing the previous day of Col. Akel Hashem, deputy commander of the South Lebanon Army and commander of the SLA western sector, killed by the denotation of an explosive device near his home.

Prime Minister Ehud Barak said:

"The Government of Israel will not be able to conduct peace negotiations when the Syrians are not preventing Hizbullah from carrying out attacks against the IDF and in the security zone."

"Those who are responsible for the deadly attacks against IDF and SLA soldiers in Lebanon will be punished. The Government of Israel will not accept the continuing activity of Hizbullah, and will take strong measures to protect the citizens of northern Israel, as well as the IDF and SLA personnel. Our enemies will pay the price.

I remain determined to withdraw the IDF from Lebanon under an agreement by July 2000, and to ensure the future of the SLA and others who have worked with us."

 Three Israeli soldiers killed in Hizbullah attack

 Official statements:

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 Three Israeli soldiers killed in Hizbullah attack

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 Three Israeli soldiers killed in Hizbullah attack


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