Case of Tuberculosis in the College of Management ​

Hundreds of cases of tuberculosis occur every year. Each case of tuberculosis is treated with medication, and in parallel with this, the Ministry of Health also tests everybody who came in contact with the patient in the family, in the framework of studies or at work. This is in order to prescribe preventative treatment in case people who came into contact become infected with tuberculosis.
In this case, the patient is a young Israeli-born man in his 20’s who studies at the College of Management and works at the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper. The young man was hospitalized at Shmuel-Harofe Hospital. He is in a good condition, but for so long a symptoms continue and the cultures are positive for tuberculosis, he will be treated in the framework of his hospitalization.
In the coming week, 160 students at the College of Management and 60 employees at Yedioth Ahronoth will be tested for tuberculosis. Family and friends have also been tested.
This is not a rare case. It should be emphasized that close and prolonged contact with a patient is required in order to become infected with tuberculosis, and at the Ministry of Health, the chance for becoming infected is considered to be small.