Two IDF soldiers killed in Hizbullah cross-border sniper attack


Sgt. Itay Iluz & St.-Sgt. Avishai Kuriski

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Sgt. Itay Iluz, 21, of Afula and St.-Sgt. Avishai Kuriski, 24, of Upper Nazareth were killed this morning by Hizbullah sniper fire from Lebanon. The attack was carried out against an IDF post along the eastern sector of the Israel-Lebanon border.

IDF forces returned tank and helicopter fire towards the Hizbullah post from which the sniper attack emanated, as well as an additional Hizbullah post in the area of the shooting attack.

This event is another in a long line of attacks by the Hizbullah terrorist organization, which operates from Lebanese territory.

The Hizbullah terrorist organization continues to create provocations backed by Syria and Lebanon, by means of belligerent attacks from Lebanese territory, which is a flagrant violation of Israel’s sovereignty. This activity comes in addition to Hizbullah’s relentless attempts to incite and aid Palestinian terrorist organizations to carry out terror attacks inside Israel.

The IDF will continue to operate against any party involved in terrorism against Israeli citizens.