(Communicated by Israeli security sources)

During IDF and ISA activity to locate wanted Palestinians in the village of Karwat Bnei Zeid in Samaria, in the early morning of January 12, 2005, forces searching a house came under fire from two gunmen armed with AK47 rifles and wearing flak jackets, who were hidden in a concealed shaft. The forces returned fire and killed the gunmen. No Israeli injuries were reported.

One of the gunmen was Abdullah Yussuf Muhammad Dik, a wanted Hamas terrorist, 31 years old, father of two, resident of the village of Dik. Abdullah was a member of a Hamas cell responsible for shooting attacks along the roads in the Salfit area. Recently Dik had manufactured explosive devices, and was attempting to obtain chemicals in order to manufacture additional explosive devices. Dik was in the process of planning a car-bomb attack.

The second gunman was Waffi Asad Ataman Shaibi, a senior wanted Hamas terrorist, 26 years old, resident of Dir Asana. Shaibi had recently joined forces with Abdullah in the manufacturing of explosive devices and in obtaining explosives. In addition he attempted to recruit suicide bombers, together with Dik, for the purpose of carrying out a car-bomb attack.