A couple who wants to register to get married would be able to do so in any of the registration offices throughout Israel. The Constitution, Law and Justice Committee approved the law today (the 23rd).

The current law only allows couples to register in the city of residence of either one of the members of the couple, or in the place that the wedding would be happening.

The original bill was submitted by MK Fania Kirshenbaum, during the 18th Knesset. According to Knesset regulations a bill that is approved in its first reading in the Knesset Plenum can be discussed in the next Knesset if one of the bill`s original submitters continues to serve in the current Knesset. At the request of one of the bill`s original supporters, MK Eitan Cabel, the committee approved the bill for its second and third readings.

It should be noted that the original bill allowed for registration in one of the 14 regional offices in the region that one of the couples lived in. However, Cabel changed the bill and now all of Israel will practically serve as one area for marriage registration.

MK Uri Maklev slammed Cabel saying ”Through your bill, you will increase the number of bastard children [according to Jewish law] and invalid marriages…Registering for marriage is not something technical. The registration needs to be precise. Without ways to thoroughly examine the registration, the whole process becomes similar to registering by fax.” According to him, those who initiated the bill don`t understand its consequences. He thinks it will open the [Jewish] book of genealogy too wise and create distrust for the Chief Rabbinate.