The UN conference on Antisemitism, a threat to Global Peace and Stability, co-hosted by Caleb T. O. Otto, Ambassador of Palau to the UN, and Ron Prosor, Ambassador of Israel, was held in New York on September 8, 2014.

 UN Conference: Antisemitism, a threat to Global Peace and Stability


Ambassador Ron Prosor: "Antisemitic incidents increased 400% in Europe, 130% in the US, 1,200% in South America and 600% in South Africa. Where is the outrage? Where are the universal condemnations? The silence of 2014 is very similar to the silence of the 1930s and we all have a responsibility to stand up and fight.

Will you stand with those who fire rockets, kidnap girls out of classrooms, and cut off the heads of journalists? Or will you stand up for freedom?”

Other participants:

  • Brigitte Gabriel, CEO/President of ACT For America, Lebanese author and activis
  • Mark Langfan, of Americans For A Safe Israel, Arutz Sheva UN correspondent and security analyst
  • Pastor Mario Bramnick, Vice President and Chief Liaison for Israel and the Middle East Policy, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
  • Professor Anne Bayefsky, Director of Touro’s Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust, senior editor of Human Rights Voices, editor in chief of "Refugees and Human Rights"
  • Professor Michael Llorenz, Professor of Management and Director of the Enterpreneurship Center at Touro College Graduate School of Business

Wearing a Star of David, the keynote speaker, Brigitte Gabriel, a Maronite Christian Arab born in Lebanon who is the founder and president of ACT for America, decried antisemitism including its new form, anti-Zionism. She said:

"Natan Sharansky wrote about the 3 D’s test for antisemitism:

1) Antisemitic Demonization: If Israel has been committing ‘genocide’ against the Palestinians, then why has the population of Palestinians increased more than 600% since 1948? Israel must be the most incompetent mass murders in the history of the world.
2) Antisemitic Double standard: Only Israel is constantly investigated while massive continued human rights violators such as Iran, Cuba, China etc get a free pass.
3) Antisemitic Delegitimization: Israel’s irrefutable historical, legal and moral right to exist as a Jewish state is being attacked and questioned.

ISIS is a brutal Islamist organization similar to Hamas. Israelis have learned from history that if someone repeatedly says they will kill you, they mean it, a lesson that the world is only now learning…"

Gabriel criticized those who questioned Israel’s right to defend itself: "The world has turned a blind eye to Palestinian attacks against civilians and now Islamic terror has spread from Moscow to Madrid, Bali to Beslan and Nairobi to New York. The whole world is their target. We are summoned to take a stand and history will judge us!"

Mark Langfan declared: “Israel’s fight today will be the world’s fight tomorrow. Institutionalized antisemitism not only threatens Israel, it threatens regional stability. Israel is of critical strategic importance. It is a bulwark against the Islamic fundamentalism threatening to sweep across the Middle East and into southern Europe."

Pastor Mario Bramnick: "This historic meeting is the first time in many years that truth is being spoken in the United Nations. The problem in 1938 was that nobody spoke! The silence was deafening! The Holocaust taught us two things: ‘Never again’ and ‘We must not remain silent.’"

Pastor Bramnick said that visitors to the UN “will see Israel falsely portrayed as a murderer, an illegitimate occupier and a baby killer. They see a nation charged with apartheid and genocide. We must call evil, evil and not hide behind political correctness. Hundreds of millions of Christians stand with Israel and the Jewish people and will not remain silent. Regardless of faith, race or creed, people must not be silent in the face of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel vitriol.

Three days before the 13th anniversary of 9/11 and just over two weeks before Rosh Hashanah, it’s time to act, and do what was done in Biblical times to signal danger: If there ever was a time to sound the shofar, it is now. It is 1938 all over again! If we lose Jerusalem to Islamism, London, Paris and New York will be next!"

Professor Anne Bayefsky declared: "The United Nations is the leading global purveyor of antisemitism; it has launched a legal pogrom against the Jewish state as it singles out Israel disproportionally among its 193 members.

The UN Human Rights Council condemned a single state in 35% of ALL its resolutions: Israel. 50% of ALL emergency meetings dealt with one state alone: Israel. Of all the 2013 General Assembly resolutions criticizing specific countries for human rights abuses, 70% were about Israel."

Professor Michael Llorenz detailed multiple ways of combating antisemitism on college campuses.