This list is intended to relax the limitations on the entry of civilian goods into Gaza, while preventing weapons, war materials and dual-use items from entering the Gaza Strip

(Ministry of Defense – Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories)

In the framework of the implementation of the civil policy towards the Gaza Strip, the decision was made to change and update the list of controlled items to Gaza.

Following is the list of controlled items to the Gaza Strip, as of October 2012.

In accordance with the Security Cabinet’s decision and the statement on Israel’s policy regarding the Gaza Strip from 20 June 2010, and in order to allow for its immediate and effective implementation, here follows the list of items which may not be transferred to the Gaza Strip, without specific authorization.

It should be emphasized this list is intended to relax the limitations on the entry of civilian goods into Gaza, while preventing weapons, war materials and dual-use items from entering the Gaza Strip – this, in order to protect the citizens of the State of Israel from terrorism, keeping in mind that the Gaza Strip is controlled by Hamas, which is a terrorist organization.

The list of controlled items:

1. Missile Equipment and Munitions:

a. All items listed in the Defense Export Control Order (Defense Equipment), 2008.
b. All items listed in the Defense Export Control Order (Missile Technology), 2008

2. Dual-use items:

a. All items listed in the Defense Export Control Order (Controlled Dual-use Equipment), 2008.
b. Defense Export Control Order (Controlled Dual-use Equipment Transferred to Areas Under Palestinian Civilian Control), 2008.
c. All dual-use items listed in Appendix A (below)

3. Dual-use items required for projects (In general, items included in this list, required for approved PA-authorized projects will be allowed entry into the Gaza Strip, subject to International implementation and supervision) – as listed in Appendix B (below).


1. Any item not contained in the list of controlled items will be allowed to enter the Gaza Strip.
2. The list of controlled items will be updated from time to time.
3. Requests for authorization to transfer items included in this list to the Gaza Strip may be referred to the Gaza CLA.

Appendix A – List of Controlled Dual-Use Items

1. Fertilizers or any mixture containing chloric potassium with concentrations greater than 5%.

2. Fibers or textiles containing carbon (carbon fibers or graphite fibers), including:

a. Chopped carbon fibers.
b. Carbon roving.
c. Carbon strand.
d. Carbon fabric tape.

3. Glass fiber-based raw materials, including:

a. Chopped glass fibers.
b. Glass roving
c. Glass strand.
d. Glass fabric tape.
e. S-glass.
f. E-glass.

4. Vessels.

5. Fibers or fabrics featuring polyethylene, also known as Dyneema.

6. Retro detection devices.

7. Gas tanks.

8. Drilling equipment.

9. Equipment for the production of water from drillings.

10. Vinyl esther resins.

11. Epoxy resins.

12. Hardeners for epoxy resins featuring chemical groups of durable or reliable types, including:

a. DETA – diethylenetriamine.
b. TETA – thiethylenetramine.
c. AEP – aminoethylpiperazine.
d. E-100-ethyleneamine.
e. Jeffamine T-403.
f. Catalyst 4,5,6,22,23,105, 140, 145,150,179,190,240.
g. D.E.H 20,24,25,26,29,52,58,80,81,82,83,84,85,87.
h. XZ 92740.00

13. Vinyl esther accelerants, including:

a. DMA-dimethylaniline.
b. Cobalt octoate.
c. MEKP – methylethyl keyone peroxide.
d. AAP – acetyl acetone peroxide.
e. CuHP – cumene hydroperoxide.

14. M or H type HTPB, hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene.

15. Water disinfection materials – solutions with a concentration of over 11%.

16. TDI – Toluene diisocyanate.

Appendix B – Dual-use Items for Projects

1. Portland cement (bulk or bags or drums).

2. Natural aggregates, quarry aggregates and all foundation materials.

3. Prepared concrete.

4. Concrete elements and/or precast and/or tensed concrete.

5. Steel elements and/construction products.

6. Concrete for foundations and pillars of any diameter (including welded steel mesh).

7. Steel cables of any thickness.

8. Forms for construction elements of plastic or galvanized steel.

9. Industrial forms for concrete pouring.

10. Beams from composite materials or plastic with a panel thickness of 4mm and thicker.

11. Thermal insulation materials and/or products excluding roof tiles, plaster/mortar glue, mosaic tiles, building stone/coating stone/exterior stone.

12. Concrete blocks, silicate, Ytong or equivalent (of any thickness).

13. Building sealing materials or products which include Epoxy or polyurethane.

14. Asphalt and its components (bitumen, emulsion) in bulk or in packages of any sort.

15. Steel elements and/or steel working products for construction.

16. Elements and/or products for channeling and drainage from precast concrete with diameters of over 1 meter.

17. Trailers and/or shipping containers.

18. Vehicles except for personal vehicles (not including 4X4 vehicles), including construction vehicles.