(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

IDF forces operating in Jenin early this morning surrounded a building in northern Jenin following intelligence information that several wanted Islamic Jihad terrorists were hiding in the building, which serves as headquarters for Palestinian military intelligence.

In coordination with the District Coordination and Liaison Offices, the forces called for the commander of the headquarters to exit the building and turn in the wanted terrorists inside. The commander and other Palestinian officers who had exited the building denied the presence of any terrorists inside the building. However, subsequent searches revealed equipment and other evidence of the recent presence of the wanted terrorists at the intelligence headquarters.

The Palestinian commander was questioned and admitted that the he had aided the Islamic Jihad terrorists who were hiding in the building the previous night. The headquarters commander was released following questioning.

The IDF views with severity the phenomenon of Palestinian Authority officials knowingly aiding wanted Islamic Jihad terrorists, members of a terror organization that recently dispatched murderous terror attacks to be carried out inside Israel, instead of operating against them.