​Following information received at the enforcement and supervision department of the Ministry of Health, according to which there is a suspicion that this purportedly “natural” anti-diabetic food additive contains a medicinal active ingredient, the product has been recalled and sent for analytical testing. The laboratory tests indicate the presence of the active medicinal ingredient Glibornuride.

he active substance Glibornuride belongs to the sulphonylurea family of drugs, which are intended to treat diabetes. This substance does not occur naturally and may cause dangerous rapid reductions in the blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia), as well as other side-effects entailing severe complications as a result. The danger increases when this product is ingested in combination with anti-diabetic prescription drugs, such as Gluben, insulin, Gluco-Rite, Prandase etc.

The product is sold primarily by door-to-door salesmen and via Internet websites. It is common mainly in the north. The EZbetic product is not licensed for import and sale in Israel. Its use may be harmful to public health.

Warning against consumption of the food additive “EZBETIC”