The Ministry of Health warns the public against using ointments bearing the labels of the Pharmaplus Hasharon pharmacy in Ramat Gan and of the Ben Sina pharmacy in Tira

Due to concern over public health, the Ministry of Health has instructed anyone in possession of ointments bearing the Pharmaplus Hasharon label of the pharmacy at 23 Jerusalem street in Ramat Gan or of the Ben Sina pharmacy in Tira, or of both of them together, to cease using these ointments immediately.
The ointments and creams, procured by prescription from dermatologists and other doctors, are intended primarily to lighten the shades of skin blemishes, and were distributed by the Pharmaplus Hasharon pharmacy to hundreds of customers nationwide as well as to institutes and medical clinics.
Joint audits conducted by the district health bureaus in Tel Aviv and the central district found that the Pharmaplus Hasharon pharmacy of 23 Jerusalem street in Ramat Gan, under its proprietor Mr Yosef Brant, has been marketing ointments and creams manufactured at the Ben Sina pharmacy in Tira, owned by the pharmacist Jalal Abu-Khit.
The ministry inspectors found, that the preparations were being prepared under substandard conditions, from raw materials the provenance of which is unknown, without minimal documentation and under no control whatsoever. The preparations were assigned arbitrary expiry dates, sometimes up to three times longer than the permissible duration. Another finding was that the ingredients in part of the ointments did not match the list of ingredients printed on their labels.
The Ministry of Health has taken administrative measures against the pharmacists involved from the two pharmacies, and is continuing its investigation.