The Ministry of Health Warns against Using Medications Sold at the “Foot Health Institute” ​In inspections held by professional teams of the health bureaus at the following branches of the “Foot Health Institute”:

  • Tel Aviv – Dizengoff Center
  • Petach Tikva – 100 Jabotinsky St.
  • Jerusalem – King George St., Hapaamon Building

Which specialize in treatment of fungal infections of the nails and the feet, preparations were found which serve the institute in their treatments, as well as being put on sale to the general public. These preparations bear the text: “Licensed by the Ministry of Health”, and furthermore products have been marketed via the Institute’s website.


These preparations have not been licensed by the Ministry of Health, their composition has not been approved, and their efficacy has not been checked.


Following are the names of the preparations:

  1. Fungipharm T – manufacturer: N.A.D.E. Laboratories, Kiryat Malachi; this manufacturer is not familiar to the Ministry of Health.
  2. Funfipnar M – a foot preparation, manufacturer A.B. Laboratories 30600; this manufacturer is not familiar to the Ministry of Health.
  3. Fungipharm P – manufacturer: Dr. Burstein Ltd., Industrial Zone North, Ashkelon.
  4. Vaseline, fortified with Vitamin E, bearing a label of the “Foot Health Institute”, does not bear a manufacturer name.