The Ministry of Health warns the public against the use of the Hanan Elraz treatment kits, which purport to be “natural” and are supposedly intended for cancer patients
​The Ministry of Health warns the public against the use of the Hanan Elraz treatment kits, which purport to be “natural” and are supposedly intended for cancer patients. The kits include a cream and drops – "Elraz Cream" ‎and “Elraz Drops". On January 8, 2013, the Ministry of Health published a warning regarding the "Elraz Cream”, which contained a substance which may pose a danger to public health. Furthermore, an administrative warrant of closure was issued for the pharmacy and the production of the products was halted. This includes Hanan Elraz’s cream and drops, sold at the Refuah Vateva pharmacy at 86 Gissin street in Petah Tikva. 
In response to the warning from the Ministry of Health, Hanan Elraz distributed a microbiological laboratory certificate confirming that the cream, to which the warning referred, does not contain hazardous substances. We hereby stress that a microbiological test deals only with the presence of microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, yeasts etc.), and not with chemical substances. Tests carried out at the toxicology and clinical pharmacology at Tel Hashomer, chemical substances were found which could not be identified at all in any kind of microbiological test. Furthermore, the microbiological test results which were distributed by Hanan Elraz makes no reference to the cream produced at the Refuah Vateva pharmacy. Therefore, the microbiological laboratory test results bear no relevance to the warning issued by the Ministry of Health.

From the latest tests conducted by the Ministry of Health, the following conclusions arise:
  1. Additional kits are distributed among patients, kits which have not been tested or approved by the Ministry of Health. The makeup of these products is unknown and it is impossible to assess the impacts of using these products.
  2. There is a suspicion that labels on the drops and the cream have been falsified, and therefore a complaint has been filed with the police by one of the companies whose name appeared on the product label.
  3. It is not known where the drops are produced and the cream and drops label markings do not fulfill the Ministry of Health’s requirements for labeling of preparations.
Clarification: The products are distributed without knowledge of the product makeup or place of production, including the issue of proper production conditions as required by law, and which are intended to safeguard product quality and protect the public health.
Therefore, the use of these products may be harmful to the public health.

The public is requested not to use the Hanan Elraz preparations – Elraz Cream and Elraz Drops.
The products have not been approved by the Ministry of Health and their source and makeup are unknown.
The Ministry of Health is continuing its investigation together with other enforcement agencies.
For complaints and questions on this matter you can contact the Ministry of Health
at the following email‎:‎‏‏‎ or by Fax: ‏02-6551776