​On June 4, 2012 and on June 11-12, 2012, sanitation audits were carried out by the Ministry of Health at hospitality facilities subject to licensing from the Northern Region (ahead of the start of the tourist season and the summer holidays). The finding of the audits at 4 hospitality facilities, at which 4 swimming pools and one public Jacuzzi pool operated, indicated the existence of substandard sanitary conditions which may pose an immediate threat to public health.
  In view of these findings, 5 warrants were issued by the Ministry of Health for the closure of the swimming pools and the Jacuzzi at the following establishments:

  • Livnim – Nahal Amud Chalets (swimming pool)
  • Livnim – Tsliley Paamonim (swimming pool)
  • Amnon – Ahuzat Avni (swimming pool)
  • Amnon – Ahuzat Avni (Jacuzzi)
  • Zuriel – Etslenu Behatzer (swimming pool)

  We repeat our appeal to the vacationing public to ascertain, prior to making reservations, that the establishment and its bathing facilities have a valid license to do business, and which testifies, among other things, that a sanitary audit has been conducted at the site and that the facility meets the proper sanitation requirements in the interests of safeguarding public health.