(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)
In the past week, IDF ground forces, with the assistance of the air rorce, continued to operate in the Gaza Strip in order to distance terrorist organizations, particularly Hamas, from the security fence, and to operate against Kassam rockets and mortar shells fired on a daily basis into Israel.

On Thursday, May 22, a truck loaded with explosives detonated early morning at Erez crossing causing extensive damage to the terminal. Due to many recent alerts, IDF forces were well prepared and managed to prevent an attack of a much larger scale. Shortly afterwards the IDF targeted and identified hitting a vehicle involved in the attempted terror attack.

Later that day, IDF forces operating against terrorist infrastructure in northern Gaza uncovered a grenade launcher and an anti-tank missile in a schoolyard in the outskirts of Sajaiya. During the operation the force fired and identified hitting an armed gunman.

On Friday, May 23, while operating against terrorist infrastructure in southern Gaza, IDF forces attacked and identified hitting a number of armed Palestinian gunmen carrying anti-tank missiles. One IDF soldier was moderately wounded by gunfire during the operation. An IDF force identified two armed gunmen approaching the security fence in central Gaza. The gunmen opened fire at the force. The force fired back and identified hitting them. Small-arms, hand grenades and protective vests were uncovered on the gunmen.

During an operation in northern Gaza on Saturday, May 24, an IDF force targeted and identified hitting an armed gunman who was approaching the forces.

On Tuesday, May 27, more than 10 mortar shells were launched at an IDF force operating in northern Gaza. One soldier was lightly injured and taken to a hospital. The force uncovered two launchers and arrested 13 suspects for questioning.

The IDF targeted three mortar shell launching sites in the past week, from which mortar shells are launched on a daily basis at Israel.

 During the last week Palestinians fired one Grad type Katyusha rocket, 17 Kassam rockets and 79 Mortar shells at the Israeli communities of the western Negev.