Summary of activity in the Gaza Strip

During the past week, forces from the Golani Brigade, the Combat Engineering Corps, and the Armoured Corps, in coordination with the Air Force, operated against the terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip in order to distance terror organizations – specifically the Hamas – from the security fence as well as to prevent rocket fire into the state of Israel.

The following is a summary of the main events this week:

  • On Thursday, 15 November last week, the IDF carried out three attacks on a Kassam launching squad preparing rocket launchers to fire into Israel. In two of the attacks, the forces identified hitting the target.
  • The prevention of an infiltration into Israel by three terrorists from the northern Gaza Strip: On Monday night (19 Nov), an observation force identified a terrorist cell attempting to cross the security fence and infiltrate into Israel. Exchanges of fire erupted on location between the terrorist cell and the Golani force stationed at an IDF post. During the ensuing fire, the IDF force identified hitting two of the terrorists. There were no injuries to IDF forces.
  • On Tuesday (22 Nov), two explosive devices were detonated in two separate instances at IDF patrols along the security fence in the northern and central Gaza Strip. In both instance there were no injuries or damage reported by the forces.
  • Throughout the week there were a number of shooting incidents between IDF forces and armed Palestinian gunmen. In two separate instances that occurred during routine IDF activity in the southern Gaza Strip, forces identified a number of armed gunmen approaching them and consequentially fired at the gunmen and identified hitting them. In another incident, an IDF force identified a suspicious Palestinian man approaching the fence under the cover of darkness who threw an unidentified object over the fence.  The force fired towards him and identified hitting him.
  • Throughout the week approximately 50 mortar shells and 20 Kassams were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Summary of activity in the Judea and Samaria region

  • An Israeli civilian was killed by Palestinian terrorists while driving in his vehicle. The terrorists fired from a passing vehicle while driving on the main road near the community of Karne Shomeron. IDF forces immediately searched the region in order to locate the terror cell that was responsible for the killing. The IDF will continue to seek the terrorists responsible to ensure that they are brought to justice.
  • Three Israeli civilians and two IDF soldiers were injured by Palestinians who hurled rocks at their vehicles while driving on main roads in the Judea and Samaria region.
  • One Israeli civilian entered Area A and three civilians entered Area B this week. The Israeli civilians were stopped by Palestinian security personnel and were transferred for questioning by the Israeli Police. There are currently warnings of terrorist attacks with an emphasis on shooting attacks and the kidnapping of Israeli civilians. Israeli civilians may not legally enter Area A and are advised not to enter Area B due to the risk of a terror attack.
  • Throughout the past week IDF forces continued to operate in the Judea and Samaria region against terror infrastructure and to prevent terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens. As a result of the activity, IDF forces discovered one pipe bomb, one handgun, three Molotov Cocktails, and dozens of assault rifle bullets. In one instance, an explosive device was hurled at IDF forces while in four separate instances, Palestinian gunmen opened fire at IDF forces.
  • During the week, the IDF arrested 48 wanted Palestinians in the Judea and Samaria region.