​The Ministry of Health informs that the West Nile Fever virus has started its activity for this summer. From the beginning of the summer, 4 cases of mosquito populations infected with the virus have been reported in different places in Israel.
  During this period, 3 cases of humans contracting the disease have been diagnosed (one of which is a resident of the Palestinian Authority) and there have been 4 more suspected cases.
Of the reported cases, 5 patients developed the disease during the second half of June and early July 2012. There were 41 confirmed or suspected cases of the disease in 2011.
  The Ministry of Health recommends that the public take the necessary precautions to avoid getting bitten by the mosquito. For example: use mosquito repellents creams, mosquito repellent devices, screens on the windows and suitable clothing.
  It is recommended that cases of mosquito nuisances or stagnant water be reported to the local authorities as soon as possible.
The disease monitoring and the treatment of the infected mosquitoes is done in collaboration between the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the local authorities.



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