Work-Plan for Implementation of the Cease-Fire

September 26, 2001

Phase Israel Palestinians
Immediately Agreed commitment to cease-fire and implementation of the work-plan
Immediately and for the duration of the entire period *Commitment to cease proactive steps in Area A – conditional on the security situation.
*Adaptation of rules of engagement
*Reduction of security pressure and easing of restrictions on the Palestinian side.
In accordance with the Tenet Work Plan:
*Clear and unequivocal orders to prevent terror and live-fire, and arrest terrorist activists.
*Cessation of all violent activities including suicide and live-fire attacks, mortar fire, use of explosive devices and violent disturbances.
*Denunciation of all violent activities with particular focus on suicide attacks.
*Cessation of incitement and all forms of anti-Israeli propaganda.
*Renewal of genuine security coordination and preventive action cooperation.
*Public condemnation of all terrorist attacks; investigations and action against those responsible and involved.
First Phase – within 48 hours *Beginning of senior level security meetings for the resumption of preventive security cooperation and security coordination on the ground.
Demonstrable steps to ease security restrictions:
*Removal of internal closures in one or more calm areas.
*Removal of some checkpoints and earth barriers in calm areas of the West Bank.
*and other measures
*Easing of restrictions in the civilian sphere:
– Increase in the number of permits for traders and businessmen
– Improvement of the flow of goods through the Allenby Passage.
– Continued promotion of the Gaza power station project
– Commencement of issuance of visitors’ permits.
– Permission for the governmental import of non-security related equipment
*Arrest of prominent terrorist activists. *Assumption of security responsibility in those areas where security restrictions have been eased.
Second Phase – within a week *Continued removal of internal closures in calm areas.
*Movement of Palestinian security personnel within and between the Areas.
*Easing of restrictions in the civilian sphere:
– Promotion of water and sewage projects.
– Promotion of tourism in areas where security restrictions have been eased.
– Establishment of central mechanism for the promotion of projects.
– Easing of the passage of agricultural and other goods (within the Areas and between the G. Strip and the W. Bank).
– Full opening of the Rafah Passage (24 hrs per day).
– Family reunifications.
*Continued arrest of prominent terrorist activists and agreement to arrest additional activists within defined period.
*Initial and demonstrable action to close weapons and mortar factories, depots and laboratories.
Third Phase – to be completed within 5 weeks *Redeployment of IDF forces from all areas – phased and conditional on security calm.
*Reestablishment of original Palestinian security positions (especially in the Gaza Strip).
*Opening of Gaza International Airport. *Extension of the fishing zone.
*Easing of restrictions in the civilian sphere – smooth movement of goods, continued promotion of projects and some industrial zones, resumption of joint courses and training programs, entry of visitors (a few hundred each month).Commencement of release of funds.
Intensified action against terrorism:
*Arrest of all terrorist activists whose names were forwarded to the Palestinian side.
*Continued steps to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure.
Post 5 weeks *Continued implementation of security commitments detailed above and continued security coordination and preventive action cooperation.
*Efforts to change public mood and to create atmosphere of security calm conducive to dialogue.
*Release of all funds.
*Movement of VIP’s.
*Opening of Safe Passage.
*Promotion of long-term infrastructure projects – railway, desalination, etc.
*Promotion of projects – Gaza Port, cargo facility at Gaza International Airport.
* Employment in Israel – to be discussed separately.
*Systematic and continuous action against the terrorist infrastructure, including the complete dismantling of the "military wings" of Hamas, PIJ and other terrorist organisations.
*Collection and transfer of illegal weapons.