On October 18, 2006 the State of Israel and the Russian Federation will mark 15 years since the renewal of diplomatic relations.

 15 years of Israeli-Russian relations


(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

On October 18, 2006 the State of Israel and the Russian Federation will mark 15 years since the renewal of diplomatic relations. During this period, the two countries have developed close cooperation in all fields. Israel and Russia conduct a fruitful political dialogue and exchange of views on all issues on the international agenda. This economic, scientific, and cultural cooperation is increasing every year, building upon existing historical and cultural bonds.

The Embassy of the State of Israel in the Russian Federation is marking the anniversary by a series of events around Russia. In this framework, the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Russian Federation, Arkady Mil-Man, participated on January 24, 2006 in an evening at Authors’ House in Moscow dedicated to the publication "Dialogue", which includes prose and poetry in Russian by Israeli and Jewish authors and poets.

On February 8-9, Israel’s Kibbutz Dance Company performed at the opening of the prestigious Grand Ballet festival in Moscow. The company, which was appearing in Russia for the third time, performed its latest work, "Upon Reaching the Sun", to great acclaim.

 15 years of Israeli-Russian relations

The Kibbutz Dance Company performs in Moscow

Following the successful performances in Moscow, the Embassy of Israel, together with the Israeli Cultural Center in St. Petersburg, organized master classes at the Kannon Dance Center in St. Petersburg for two dancers from the company, Arthur Astman and Ilana Bellahsan. The dancers conducted also dance classes for dancers and choreographers at a university for culture in the city.

 15 years of Israeli-Russian relations

Pianist Alon Goldstein

During March-April, the classical pianist Alon Goldstein conducted a concert tour in seven cities in Russia: Tver, Pskov, Beliki Novgorod, Ryazan, Vladimir, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. In the last two cities the pianist also conducted master classes.

The piano classical duo Sivan Silver and Gil Garburg conducted a concert in the end of April in the prestigious “Kremlin Musical” festival in Moscow, held in the Armory Museum inside the Kremlin. The duo also gave concerts in the cities of St. Petersburg and Tver.

 15 years of Israeli-Russian relations

Baldi Olier trio

As part of the celebrations for the 58th Independence Day of the State of Israel, the virtuoso guitar player, Baldi Olier, accompanied by his two sons, conducted a performance tour in four cities in Russia in May-June.The trio performed in: Moscow, Novosibirsk, Samara and Yekaterinburg. Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and maestro Zubin Mehte opened a prestigious festival for celebration of  “Russia Day” in Moscow in early June. Well-known clarinet player Giora Feidman conducted two concerts in Moscow together with the Kremlin Chamber Orchestra.

In the end of June, Minister of Culture, Science, Technology and Sport, Ophir Pines-Paz, visited Moscow, on the invitation of the Russian Minister of Culture, Alexander Sokolov. The two ministers met and discussed the close bilateral cultural relations. Minister Pines arrived for the opening of the Israeli cinema forum as part of Moscow International Film Festival, which is the most important film festival in Russia and one of the most important film festivals in the world. Four Israeli feature films and three documentaries were screened in two central theaters in Moscow. In addition, another feature film was screened in the prestigious competition framework of the festival. Also, a professional seminar in the field of cinema was held between Israeli and Russian colleagues. Israeli delegation included: the director of Cinemateque in Tel-Aviv, Alon Garbuz, the head of Sam Spiegel School for Cinema and Television, Renen Schorr, and the head of the Russian Film Festival in Israel, Michael Chigirinski.

In September, Israeli author Amos Oz conducted a first visit in Russia, upon the invitation of Moscow International Book Fair, inaugurating the project “People of the world inscribe the Bible” in Russia.