IDF (Zahal) combat vehicles took pride of place next to Ferraris, Maseratis and even the Batmobile at last week’s Automotor exhibition held in Tel Aviv. Check out these three awesome vehicles that the IDF (Zahal) uses every day to keep Israel safe.

1.  Sufa 3 (AIL Storm)

3 IDF Combat Vehicles You Wish You Could Drive

The Sufa 3 (AIL Storm) is manufactured by Israeli company Automotive Industries, Ltd. based in Nazareth Illit. The Storm is built on the basis of the chassis of the original Chrysler (J8) family, and then optimized for military used by the IDF (Zahal). It has a 130 horsepower special computerized  engine, and 400 Nm of torque. The development of this vehicle began in 2008, and it was ready for IDF (Zahal) use in 2011. The Storm is designed to serve elite units – no wonder then that the Israeli web magazine Jeepolog called it “probably, the best Jeep ever”.

2. Zeev (Wolf Armored Vehicle)

3 IDF Combat Vehicles You Wish You Could Drive

The IDF (Zahal) Zeev (Wolf Armoured Vehicle) is a heavily armoured crew carrier, manufactured by the Hatehof company, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. and the IDF (Zahal). It combines a commercial truck’s speed and maneuverability with APC-like armour, qualities necessary for low-intensity confrontation. The Wolf’s chassis is based on a Ford F-550 truck, and is equipped with a 6-litre V8 engine. The engine has a 5-speed automatic transmission, which drives all four wheels, making this a four-by-four.

3. TATRA Truck Simulator

3 IDF Combat Vehicles You Wish You Could Drive

This vehicle is so advanced, it’s virtual. The IDF (Zahal)’s unique TATRA truck simulator gives users the ability to study the vehicle from a distance. Users can detect malfunctions in the vehicle’s systems and engine, and can fix any problems through the computer so the mechanics and drivers can test the vehicle and its mechanical tools with one click on the computer.  The simulator can detect and diagnose problems with the truck’s engine, gearbox, ABS brake system, CTIS system and steering system.