Apprentices, students in grades 7-8, training and guidance activities. “An important element in making the police 30 7-8th graders from South Tel Aviv finished
Today successfully project RES (Israel Police Community) that helps teenagers in distress.
And criminal records to fit in with society. At the graduation ceremony was attended by Lt.
Tel Aviv District Commander Yoram תנ”צ Ohayon, wide open Chief David נצ”מ and gas
Server station chief dawn Hamdi.

Working with the youngsters began in May.
The latter led by Sergeant major tzvika wonder woman destroyed Ryan Korn which accompanied the cadets
And that finish and return to the control of their lives. “Israel Police
Importance in connection with the students, “said Major General Abdul. “Our commitment
To accompany the students and me is an important element of project commitment.

Translated from Hebrew