A store in the heart of Tel-Aviv served as an illegal pharmacy and marketed drugs ​

On Thursday 21/11/2013 the Enforcement and Supervision Division at the Ministry of Health and Israel Police joined forces for an operation in unlicensed establishments marketing medications and kiosk drugs.
In a store at 4 Sha’anan Street in Tel Aviv, large quantities of medications for sales and marketing were found. These were prescription medications that are typically sold in licensed pharmacies by doctor’s prescription.
Among the medications that were seized:
  1. Moxipen Forte  500 mg antibiotics
  2. Analgesic pills including Acamol 500 mg and Dexamol pills
  3. Various creams containing steroids.
In addition, other medications and creams were seized that contained pharmaceutical active ingredients that appear to have been smuggled into Israel from several countries.
The Ministry of Health takes the opportunity to caution that the selling of medications in an unlicensed store, where there is no supervision by a pharmacist or another medical professional, jeopardized public health.