A unit of fighters the Negev detention two suspects who tried to transport drugs from the Bir Doug’s space unit of the Negev after yesterday (Wednesday) trying to move the suspect substance as cannabis type Bir Doug to the center of the country and spreading the suspected area. The vehicle with two suspects arrested on Route 40 near Beit Kama junction. In the car found 4 ק״ג of weed worth estimated at 250 thousand dollars. The two suspects who were in the car were arrested and taken for questioning.

Lior Zohar רפ״ק, מ״מ, unit Commander noted that the unit operates to prevent smuggling attempts from the border and distribution of drugs in the country. This joins two conceptions that existed during the weeks in which the drugs were seized when they tried to smuggle them into the country. He said that interrogation of the two suspects arrested last night is just beginning and later also filed a request to confiscate the vehicle used them to commit the offense.

Translated from Hebrew