Android tablet to feature Israeli N-Trig’s thin active pen and DuoSense controller chipset

Intel Corp. will incorporate Kfar Saba based N-trig’s pen and mini-touch technology into its Educational Tablet, a touch-enabled device designed for use in the classroom.

The Android tablet will feature N-trig’s thin active pen and DuoSense controller chipset, specially designed to sit within the 10.1” screen system.

N-trig VP marketing Ronen Heldman said, "It is always extremely gratifying when an industry leader like Intel recognizes the value of our DuoSense technology.

Collaborating with Intel has enabled us to better understand the education sector end user’s needs.

With N-trig active pen, our OEM customers can differentiate their Education Tablet from others, while enhancing the 21st century student’s experience.”