The highway collapse, rescued families, divers were searching for trapped and hundreds of requests to 100. Border station in Ashkelon Ashkelon had sarashoteri today (Monday) to tackle the weather on a large scale. Together with the maritime police of lakhish and additional forces rescued trapped civilians, closed roads and gave a response to the motion and aspects.

From the morning we received hundreds of calls at 100 on flooding, road hazards, environmental hazards, and civilians trapped, “says Simon סנ״צ the Commander of Ashkelon police that day. “Every station officers took to the streets of the city and with the assistance of the rescue forces and began a joint rescue effort and saving lives. Opened חפ״ק and gave a response to any citizen who needed some assistance.

The main bomber which took place today in Ashkelon was an enormous hole that opened up on Ben Yehuda Street in the city, as a result of the dropping. There, and elsewhere in the city police began digging out civilians by kayak, rubber boats and heavy vehicles and video that no casualties or trapped by ashitor marine divers. In one case Police rescued teachers and sick little boy trapped in their car while driving. The policemen went into the water, transferred them to the car and to safety.

At sea, the marine police officers of Moscow police were called to rescue a boat stuck in the sea. Thankfully the rescue ended peacefully and the people were moved to safety in a police boat before being carried away.

Translated from Hebrew