At the weekly Cabinet meeting today:
1. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks:
"In recent weeks we have seen a stepped-up Iranian effort to intensify terrorist actions in Judea and Samaria. None other than the Palestinian Authority ambassador in Teheran said that he was enthused by Iranian ruler Khamenei’s instructions to send weapons to the West Bank and he added, and I quote, ‘The Zionist regime is an aggressive cancerous growth which, sooner or later, must be eliminated.’ Now I emphasize, it was not a Hamas man who said this, it was the Palestinian Authority ambassador in Teheran. Now what is the UN doing in response? Instead of dealing with this incitement they are giving it an honored place, the same incitement that has led to the recent terrorist attack, and they are also moving forward on a unilateral Palestinian proposal to try and pass a decision in the Security Council, the purpose of which is to bring about a forced settlement that would establish here a second Hamastan and would endanger our security.
This is the same UN the Human Rights Council of which passed dozens of decisions this year against Israel, one decision on Iran and one decision on Syria. We will continue to insist on our truth and we will also continue to vigorously rebuff attempts to force terms on us that would endanger our security and our future. We expect national unity on this national issue."
2. The Cabinet decided to establish a national center in the Finance Ministry (in the Israel Tax Authority) to assist in the examination of cargo and freight with at-risk characteristics as part of the struggle against the smuggling of war materiel, terrorism financing, money laundering and drug smuggling.
3. Tourism Minister Uzi Landau briefed the cabinet on the activity of his ministry ahead of 2015.
Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed Prime Minister’s Office director General Harel Locker to work with the other relevant ministries in order to increase the number of tourists entering Israel by cancelling the need for entry visas from certain countries, with emphasis on tourists from China, India and Latin America.
4. The Cabinet approved a Ministry of Environmental Protection plan for rehabilitating the Arava region in the wake of the recent oil spill.