After an investigation of Ayalon was formulated against evidentiary two suspects who were involved in criminal cases in September shnabthom latent and visible operational activity of Ayalon, and explosives labs of Tel Aviv and the central unit (ימ”ר) of Central District, filed this week, Prosecutor statement against the brothers Moshe and ABA for criminal cases that occurred in September this year the street Ernst logo.
The first event occurred on the day where 1.9.15 bomb on the sidewalk next to the complainant. The cargo was discovered by a minor passing who called his father to call the police. The two day event where 9.9.15 blast bomb. The charge was laid by the suspect who arrived riding a motorcycle together with another. The third day 8.9.15 event so searched the suspect’s House Moshe abergil Rishon during a search found explosives lab and at home many materials used for making explosives.

According to the suspicions, the two suspects sought to harm the person in the street, along with Ernest logo, background on financial debt that the complainant owed to the two brothers. An investigation revealed that the suspects purchased in one of Tel Aviv’s business with others, receivers with the Chargers in the first two events.

After a thorough investigation and professional units and explosives labs of Tel Aviv, were handed over to a forensic hatgbsho severe indictment filed against the two suspects. In addition, since the charges were laid in place for urban residents, concern the disarming explosive charges in different scenes and thereby prevented the soul and property.

The suspects, twin brothers, aged 36 and residents of Rishon Lezion, Holon. (V) the State file against the two indicted and detained until the end of legal proceedings in the District Court in Tel Aviv.

“The actions of the suspects, who have sought to undermine the complainant’s they have. Not all the suspects began on the riskiest, placing explosives in a residential neighborhood and the likelihood of injury to others is, “said Ayalon, Commander of space gave נצ”מ I entered.

Translated from Hebrew