Pre-Passover: Waste on the Streets of Israel. Photo: MoEP Solid Waste Division

Average Israeli to Generate 15.5 Kg of Waste During Passover
Pre-Passover: Waste on the Streets of Israel 
Photo: MoEP Solid Waste Division 
​As Israelis get set to celebrate the Passover holiday, the Ministry of Environmental Protection is calling upon them to keep the environment in mind. That’s because, according to the ministry’s data and reports from local authorities and waste treatment sites, Israelis generate between 15% – 50% more waste during Passover, compared to other days of the year.

​According to the data, the amount of waste generated during Passover is dependent on locale.

  1. In the southern part of the country, the average person produces 1.7 Kg per day.
  2. In Tel Aviv, the average person produces 2 Kg per day.
  3. In the north, the average person produces 1.55 Kg per day.
  4. In Jerusalem, the average person produces 1.35 Kg per day.


The increase is already evident as the holiday approaches, likely due to Passover cleaning activities. The Hiriya waste dump near Tel Aviv, for example, reported a nearly 50% increase in garbage last week – from 3,500 tons a day to 5,220 tons per day. That figure is expected to go up during the holiday itself.

In Jerusalem, some 1,800 tons of garbage was collected in one day last week, where the average is usually 1,100 tons of waste. That figure is expected to rise to 2,000 during the holiday.

Since last Passover, about 440,000 Israelis have joined the recycling revolution being led by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Altogether, 600,000 Israelis separate their waste into dry and organic waste. Thus, an estimated 4,200 tons of organic waste will be recycled and used for fertilizer or green electricity, and not landfilled, this Passover.

The ministry is promoting the establishment of additional facilities to further reduce the amount of waste that is thrown out in landfills, and to provide alternatives for the country’s limited natural resources, such as oil.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection is calling upon the public to consume wisely and in an environmental manner this holiday, and to prepare shopping lists, to ensure that you will buy only those products that you will use. The ministry is also calling upon the public to take care to dispose of your waste in the appropriate recycling bins, to reduce as much as possible use of disposable dishes, and to throw out your trash when you hike in nature.