​The Beit She’an municipality, its former mayor, Jacky Levy, and other former officials have been indicted for environmental violations. The charges relate to health and environmental hazards that were caused as a result of neglect of municipal sewage facilities and of waste treatment. The indictment, which was filed on Sunday, March 1, 2015, is based on an investigation by the Green Police of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP).

​The indictment includes two charges:

  1. Water and river pollution: Long-term neglect of sewage facilities in Beit She’an caused raw sewage to flow into the Harod Stream, and from there to the Lower Jordan River, causing environmental pollution and health hazards for a continued period of time.
  2. Improper waste treatment: Long-term neglect of waste treatment, as well as illegal and improper treatment of waste in Beit She’an, has caused and continues to cause serious health and environmental hazards. These include fires in municipal landfills that led to terrible air pollution and odors.


The criminal investigation was opened after all administrative regulatory procedures proved unsuccessful. The responsibility of Levy for the aforementioned offenses relates to his senior position in the municipality, and to the fact that he knew about the offenses, and did not take any measures to prevent or stop them.

The MoEP takes strong opposition to any situation where local authorities do not regulate the water and waste sectors, or ignores environmental hazards that will ultimately harm residents of that area.