Gas stations are one of the sectors affected by the business license reforms Photo: MoEP

Business Licensing Now More Efficient for 11 Sectors
Gas stations are one of the sectors affected by the business license reforms
Photo: MoEP

The process for obtaining a business license in Israel is now simpler and more efficient. On October 20, 2015, a new, uniform, nationwide list of specifications for business licenses for 11 different sectors was published. Until now, conditions for receiving business licenses varied, depending on where your business was located and other factors. This meant that conditions were not equal for all business owners. In addition, because the conditions were set by various ministries that were not working together, including the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP), they often contradicted one another.

Uniform specifications, however, are conditions that must be met nationwide, and that apply to all applicants from a particular sector. They are also compatible. And the applicant can receive all the information in one place (online), whereas in the past, s/he had to go to all the authorities involved in formulating business license conditions.

​Following is a list of the sectors that now have uniform specifications. In some cases the MoEP "authorizes" the conditions; in others it is simply informed about them.

  1. Gas tanks repairs (authorizes)
  2. Gas stations (authorizes)
  3. Slaughterhouses (authorizes)
  4. Pesticides sales (informed)
  5. Collection / transfer of waste (informed)
  6. Transfer of wastewater (informed)
  7. Central bus station, as defined in the  as defined in the Traffic Ordinance (authorizes)
  8. Central train station (authorizes)
  9. General mechanics – bodyworks and painting (including gas-powered vehicles) (informed)
  10. Disinfectants and cleaning materials (informed)


The nationwide uniform list of specifications is part of a 2013 amendment to the Business Licensing Law. The amendment was passed in an effort to improve the efficiency of the business licensing procedure in Israel.