During the night, IDF (Zahal) soldiers arrested two Palestinians after they hurled firebombs at an IDF (Zahal) post in Judea and Samaria. The Palestinians were carrying improvised grenades, three additional primed firebombs and this letter declaring intent to carry out a terror attack in Alon Moreh, a nearby Israeli community:

Captured Letter Shows IDF Soldiers Thwarted Significant Terror Attack

A letter found in the scene, declaring intent to carry out a terror attack

Here’s a translation of the Arabic letter:

“The al-Aqsa Brigade takes full responsibility for the terror attack in the Alon Moreh community. The al-Aqsa Brigade is announcing the operation before its implementation. If the operation has failed, it will be repeated additional times in a wider manner — every minute, every hour, every moment — starting today.”

– Al-Aqsa Brigade, Arrows of Freedom Group