Between the rockets falling around them every day and the non-stop terror and smuggling attempts along the border, the soldiers of the Nahal Brigade enjoyed a gourmet meal this week. A team of chefs, sponsored by the Taglit Project, arrived at their base along the Israel-Gaza border, and showed the soldiers that an army meal can be more than the same old chicken and rice.

Chefs at the Border: Special Lunch for Soldiers

Taglit chefs and IDF (Zahal) soldiers cooking things up

“This whole story was a complete surprise to us,” said Sgt. Josh Freedman , an immigrant from New York who made Aliyah just three years prior. “The food was made with love, true passion and goodwill. This truly strengthens my general feeling that the Nahal Brigade is the place to serve for new immigrants–the personal care and the importance of each and every soldier is amazing.”

Chefs at the Border: Special Lunch for Soldiers

IDF (Zahal) soldiers enjoying their meals

The soldiers weren’t the only ones enthusiastic about the lunch, as we heard from the Taglit chefs:

“It might not be as fancy as some restaurants in New York, but it’s defiantly one of the most meaningful meals we fixed in our lives… nothing gave us more joy then seeing the soldiers enjoying their lunch.”

The Nahal Brigade is currently guarding the border with Gaza, one of Israel’s most turbulent one. In January alone, 14 missiles originating from Gaza hit Southern Israel, threatening the lives of over a million citizens.  Many of the soldiers expressed that the shared lunch was a refreshing break from the every-day routine, demanding them to protect the citizens of Israel from any terror attacks.