The Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria, the Israeli body responsible for administering and coordinating civilian and humanitarian needs in the West Bank, greatly supports the development of treating wastewater in the West Bank. As such, it has approved, backed and cooperated with others in order to bring about progress in water conservation and enhancement of the quality of life for the Palestinian sector.

Being that water is an extremely scarce resource in the Middle East, Israel has adopted various agricultural techniques to deal with this paucity–one of which is to reuse wastewater for farming (treated wastewater constitutes 72% of water used in Israeli agriculture, a percentage significantly higher than most developed nations in the world). In contrast, the Palestinian sector which uses 50% of water resources on agriculture,  reuses almost no wastewater, therefore depleting the scarce supply of freshwater.

The Civil Administration seeks to remedy this by working with international organizations and the Palestinian Water Authority to improve wastewater treatment infrastructure in the West Bank.