Earlier in 2010, the Civil Administration announced the availability of special funds to Palestinians with special needs.  To allocate these funds, the Welfare Review Committee was established to review the dozens of applications sent in response. The Committee approved each and every request, spending over 90,000 NIS on wheelchairs, hearing devices, prosthetics, and other types of medical equipment.

The Civil Administration has recently announced an increase in allotted funds for 2011 and is currently welcoming applications from private individuals, NGOs, and international organizations on behalf of Palestinians with disabilities. Requests are sent to the Civil Administration’s Staff Officer for Welfare which are to include background information, medical history, and personal details regarding the requesting individual, along with the relevant information about the needed equipment.

The Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria is responsible for administering and coordinating civilian and humanitarian needs in the area and is comprised of various staff offices working alongside the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian population, the IDF (Zahal) and Israeli authorities, as well as with international organizations and NGOs to fulfill these needs.

The Civil Administration is committed to continue improving the ability of answering the need of Palestinians requiring medical assistance in the West Bank, and anticipates processing and approving many more such requests in 2011.