The above video addresses the dilemma surrounding coal production sites in the northern West Bank, which on one hand, provide a stable livelihood for many Palestinians and their families, but on the other hand, harm public health, agriculture and the environment of the area. The Civil Administration, together with the World Vision international organization, has and continues to actively work to find a viable solution that would foster jobs at the coal production sites while improving working conditions and the quality of life for the surrounding residents.

Over the past few years, the coal industry in the West Bank has become a central challenge for the region. The conventional method of producing coal, which includes burning large amounts of wood for over 20 days, severely pollutes the environment and creates a high risk of developing respiratory problems for the Palestinian workers and Bedouin living in the area.

Together with the World Vision international organization, the Civil Administration has been working to examine and integrate alternative methods of producing coal in cooperation with the Palestinians in the West Bank region. Many of the trials and experiments are being conducted at the Civil Administration Headquarters with the objective of determining the safest, cleanest, most efficient and most environmentally sound method which will hopefully be implemented in the West Bank, while also working to stop the current method of coal production which harms public health and the environment.

The Civil Administration, a unit under the IDF (Zahal) and the Israeli Ministry of Defense, is responsible for administering and coordinating civilian needs in the West Bank, and is comprised of various staff offices working alongside the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian population, IDF (Zahal) and Israeli authorities, as well as with international organizations and NGOs to fulfill these needs.