The Committee to Increase Competitiveness in the Economy, chaired by Prime Minister’s Office director-General Eyal Gabai and Finance Ministry Director-General Haim Shani, invites the public to submit its views regarding the issue of competitiveness in the Israeli economy.

To this end, the Committee calls on the public to submit its views, as well as concrete examples, on the level of competitiveness in the economy.  The Committee also invites to appear before it anyone who so desires and whom the Committee is inclined to summon.  The Committee will maintain confidentiality regarding the examples submitted to it, should this be requested by those submitting the examples.

The Committee was appointed in October 2010 by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and Bank of Israel Gov. Stanley Fischer, and was instructed to consider the current economic structure and its influence on the level of competitiveness in all sectors of the economy, on economic stability and growth and on equality of income distribution.

Due to the fact that three of its members – Supervisor of Banks Ronny Hizkiyahu, Antitrust Authority Director-General Ronit Kan and Securities Authority Director-General Prof. Zohar Goshen – have completed their terms, the Committee chairmen requested that Prime Minister Netanyahu, Finance Minister Steinitz and Bank of Israel Governor Fischer appoint replacement members forthwith.

Those interested in presenting their views, may receive additional details at by 1.4.11.