CONFIRMED: IDF Soldier & Three Civilians Stabbed

An IDF (Zahal) soldier and three Israeli civilians were stabbed in two separate incidents in one day. The soldier was attacked at the HaHagana Train Station in Tel Aviv and the civilians were stabbed in Judea and Samaria. 

1:20 PM: An IDF (Zahal) soldier was stabbed at the HaHagana Train Station in Tel-Aviv by a Palestinian suspect who was apprehended on the spot. The soldier was transferred to a hospital for further medical treatment.

5:15 PM: A terrorist stabbed three Israeli civilians at the Alon Shvut Junction in Gush Etzion. The terrorist was shot by a security guard at the scene.

10:15 PM: The soldier stabbed earlier in the day has been identified as Sgt. Almog Shilony. He has succumbed to his wounds after being attacked by a Palestinian. The IDF (Zahal) and its soldiers join the family in mourning their loss.

CONFIRMED: IDF Soldier & Three Civilians Stabbed

These two attacks follow other Palestinian incitement in recent days. On October 22, a 20 year old Palestinian terrorist drove his car into a Jerusalem light rail station, killing a three-month-old infant and injuring seven other people.

Hamas has launched a media campaign promoting terrorism and the murder of Israelis in the wake of these attacks, including a new video game advocating violence.