The Ministry of Health hereby declares the destruction of meat the at the "Yenot Bitan Netanya Branch" butcher shop 13 Haplada Street, Netanya ​

On August 15-16, 2013, the District Veterinarian of the Central District Health Bureau in cooperation with the Municipal Veterinarian at the Netanya Municipality  conducted an inspection at the "Yenot Bitan Netanya Branch" butcher shop, 13 Haplada Street, Netanya. 
The inspection found meat products that were produced under poor sanitary conditions, without a manufacturer’s license, without documentation and lacking appropriate labeling.
Handling, storing and marketing meat products without the conditions mandated in legislation, might jeopardize public health.
At the instruction of the Veterinary Surgeon at the Central District Health Bureau, approximately 99 kg of cattle meat and poultry were destroyed during the inspection.
The Ministry of Health will continue enforcement measures including judiciary measures against the food business