Notification of discontinuation of use and market recall of the hepatitis B vaccine manufactured by SciVac Ltd. ​

  • Sci-B-Vac hepatitis B vaccine, 10 mcg /1 ml
  • Sci-B-Vac hepatitis B vaccine, 2.5 mcg /0.5 ml
SciVac, the company that markets the preparation/vaccine for hepatitis B in Israel, has decided, jointly with the Ministry of Health, to recall the preparation from the market due to a technical flaw in packaging. 
It is emphasized that no impairment of the preparation’s efficacy and safety has been reported in the context of this flaw, and the recall is being carried out as a precaution only! The recall is being made from the trading house, pharmacy, clinics and patients in possession of the preparation.
The public is requested that any person in possession of the preparation, from the above lots, should not use the preparation, and return it to the pharmacy; SciVac Ltd. will arrange for purchasers to be credited for the cost of the preparation.
Patients in need of the preparation will receive an alternative preparation called ENGERIX B, manufactured by GSK, until further notice. The preparations are exchangeable.
For further information regarding returns and regarding logistics, the marketing company can be contacted at telephone number 
08-9480666 extension 664 or mobile number: 054-2519555.
The following is a list of batches that should be returned:
Discontinuation of Use and Market Recall of the Sci-B-Vac Hepatitis Vaccine